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Interview of SHIRYU by The Fuzion Shrine 06/2004

Could you introduce yourself?

Shiryu: I was a swapper. 32 years. Computer graphics expert.Always impassioned by data processing.

Which were your first contacts with data processing? With the Atari ST?

The machine which made me like computers, is an Apple IIc which a pal had.
My first machine was a Thomson MO5. And then when they started to speak about ST and Amiga in TILT, I was mad at it.Amiga being too expensive, I turned to ST. My first ST was the 520 quickly upgraded to 1 Mo ;) .

When did you join your first group?

By seeing cracked games intro, I formed a group to make intro and especially for cracking games, but, without finding a coder, I dropped, until I meet Jace at the college in 1989.Il started to code and we formed ST Knights.

Of which groups were you member during all these years? Which were your pseudos?

I was a member of ST Knights under the pseudo Aldyn (which comes from the Aldynes game, a super shoot' EM up on the Super-Graphx console), then I returned in Fuzion under the pseudo Shiryu, then in the Hemoroids group by taking again my first pseudo.

When did you start to swap for FUZION? And Why?

As soon as i was in Fuzion, I made swapping. I was more interested in having games to swap than in making gfx ;)

Wich was your best memories? Your worse one?

As good memories, Saturday after midday with Jace (Kelly.X) and Dieu to finalize the intros, to look at the last demos
As worse memory: there's no.

Which are according to you the best games taken out on ST? The worst?

The best game : Dungeon Master which were a true revolution, Populous, Rick Dangerous, Speedball, Wings of Death, Turrican and those with which I had fun
The worst games: There was so much shit wich was released....Impossible to remember some.

Which are the best demos released on ST according to you? The worst?

The best demos:Cuddly, Oh Crickey Wot has Scorcher!,Dark Side of the Spoon, the Demo Union.
The worst demos:Shits are fastly forgotten…

Do you think that the cracking scene killed the ATARI ST?

Paradoxically, the cracking made, I think, to sell a lot of ST (how many people bought an ST because they know a pal who got loads of games to play).I think they are rather the leading one of Atari which sunk it by lack of perspicacity.

When did you left FUZION? Why?

Jace (Kelly.X) and Dieu started from Fuzion to go in HMD. I followed them a little afterwards.

Did you keep contact with the other group members or with the ST scene? Do you have some projects involving them?

Jace(Kelly.X), Dieu and me remained pals. Living in the same city helps to get in touch. Apart from them, I did not keep any contact with people of the scene except recently. I am interested again in the scene.

Wich computer do you own at present?

2 PC, 1 falcon, 1 Amiga 500, 1 Amiga 1200 and one C64:)

Do you Have projects?

To finish, with Jace(Kelly.X), the last STK Demo which would have been released many years ago.

What do you think of the current Atari scene?

I have recently rediscovered the scene and I am really surprised that there are still super motivated people who continue to make super demons and other programs on these machines.

What do you think of the cracking scene of the PC?

I do not think anything of it.
What changed?It is that there is no more this impassioned spirit that there was before. Now copying a game could be made by anyone.

What do you think of the evolution of data processing today?

Amusing because the current power of the machine makes it possible to make things which we did not imagine at the time of ST.What a pity it is that the current machines do not have "a heart" like the 8 bits and the 16/32 bits from the past. It became an object of consumption like another, a common object.

One can nevertheless find a little the spirit of the past with the Apple range of computers.