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Interview of KELLY.X by The Fuzion Shrine 07/2002

Could you introduce yourself?

Kelly.X: Coder, and cracker ( a long time ago :))

Which were your first contacts with data processing? With the Atari ST?

In my family, there was a lot of data processing specialists. I mean, the early ones, those which worked with BULLS DPS, punch cards and so on. Thus like Obelix, I fell inside data processing very young.
I started to use at the beginning some Apple II, Alice 90, Texas TI99/Â and other Thomson To7/Mo5.But the majority of my uncles used of Apple.I was always impressed by the beauty, the design and also Apple technology.
It is for that that I went one day to buy Apple IIGS …But the expensive price quickly did me stop.
I naturally turned to the "copy", Jackintosh.

When did you join your first group?

I programmed for a long time on microcomputer in Basic. Naturally on ST I had started with St Basic (beuuuarg)
Then with the meeting of Shiryu, and especially after the vision of the Union Demo, i started to code seriously…

Of which groups were you member during all these years? Which were your pseudos?

Coder of ST Knights, then of Fuzion, then of Hemoroids with a new pseudonym : Jace

When did you start to code for FUZION? And Why?

As soon as I started to really code, I stopped swapping :)

Wich was your best memories? Your worse one?

Atmosphere of the time : data processing was not too commercial yet, we had fabulous machines which still impressed…
To summ up : it was pure pleasure.
My worst memory? To be so far away from big cities, and can't go to Coding Party: (((

Which are according to you the best games taken out on ST? The worst?

Xenon 2, Defender of the crown (ahhhhh princesses :) ),Winter games, Turrican.. the list is long
The worst?I do not remember it more…They were to be really bad....

Which are the best demos released on ST according to you? The worst?

Incontestably the Union Demo and the Cuddly Demo. These two demos were sources of inspiration for many among us.
The worst?
ZUUL lamers with their ripped code :(

Do you think that the cracking scene killed the ATARI ST?

On the contrary: we bought Atari ST because we know we could copy games. As now a PC is rather bought than a Mac because we all know somebody who has software to share.

When did you left FUZION? Why?

I left Fuzion in 1992.I had started to work on a megademo. There was some coders in the group so we thought we ( the Reunion Isle members ) could make a rather good demo. But i quickly realized that the only ones which wanted to code a megademo was us. The others was more interested by cracking games. In consequence the megademo "NRJ for You "2 remained a soundemo and the effects are used partly in HMD demos.

Did you keep contact with the other group members or with the ST scene? Do you have some projects involving them?

I'm in touch only with the members of the Reunion Island part.

Wich computer do you own at present?

I have a computer museum (Atari, Amiga, Next, C64, APPLE II…) but my principal machine is small Apple Ibook with MacOS X.I continue to sometime code on ST (recently the intro of Alive7) and I wrote some php for the fun.

Do you Have projects?

We will try to finish the Resurrection of ST Knights:)))

What do you think of the current Atari scene?

I am very happy of knowing that much among us did not forget ST and remains still active.I find sad that many does not continue to produce on ST (isn't it Kheops?).

What do you think of the cracking scene of the PC?

I do not know. Not using my PC to play, I do not know if it is as present, recognized and useful as our time.

What do you think of the evolution of data processing today?

Pfff it is too simple…Protections are non-existent…It is commercial stuff:)