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Interview of KASAR by The Fuzion Shrine 07/2002

Could you introduce yourself?

Kasar: Ludo, 29 years old, developer in a Web agency in Annecy.

Which were your first contacts with data processing? With the Atari ST?

The first microcomputer that I saw was my cousin's TI 99/4A. It allowed time to program and play using cartridges and joysticks: I have been immediately fascinated ! However, because of my youth and my limited budget, the first machine that I acquired was a game console: Atari VCS 2600. It was on Christmas 1984... I remember to have initially used it on a black and white TV !

One year later, after having badly hesitated between a ZX-81 and a Matra Alice, my choice went towards an Atari 800 XL, primarily in order to be able to re-use the joysticks of the VCS! It is on this microcomputer that I learned how to program in BASIC using books and magazines. Lastly, it is in 1987 that I bought my first Atari of the 16/32 bits range : a 520 STF.

When did you join your first group?

I remember to have programmed a little for FéléSoft, the first " group " of Orion. Well, I do not know if someone can really speak about group because it were more one band of college pals ...

My first group was thus Fuzion. Just like Fulcrum and Orion, I joined it during autumn 1989 just after its creation by The Dragon and Buz. Once again, he acted simply of a group of high-school pupils to the beginning. Fans of demos, provided rather well in cracked games and impressed by groups like Replicants and Blade Runners, we wanted to integrate the scene for the fun without really thinking of being able to obtain one great fame one day.

Of which groups were you member during all these years? Which were your pseudos?

I was member of two groups: Fuzion and Positivity. In both cases, my pseudo was Kasar. In fact at the really beginning of Fuzion, I shared pseudo Orion with The Devil which kept Orion thereafter...

When did you start to code for FUZION? And Why?

Almost from the very start. At the time, I programmed in GFA BASIC and I started to study Assembler 68000. With Orion, we recovered sources and we have learned together. Why to have coded? because since i was a young person I was fascinated by videogames. I wanted to be able to make programs where were joined together sprites and music.

What did you make at FUZION who makes you the most proud? The most shameful?

Most shameful? nothing special if it is not to have coded intros for compilations of cracked softwares which perhaps accelerated the decline of Atari ST. We do not really realize it at the time.

As regards my " successes ", I coded Fuzion Music System, small a demo which heaps of musics of Mad max, Count Zero and all. I had also coded a demoscreen for Transbeauce demo II with which I was rather content even if it were far to break bricks! Unfortunately, it had not been selected during the coding party:
I was disgusted! But of course, that of which I am more proud is the Fuzion Mega Ripper of which Kelvin was the instigator. I took part a little in the first version and I realized into large part, always with Kelvin, the version 2 which finally left to Positivity.

Anyway, I am proud to have been the member of a group which marked thousands Atari ST
owners. Still today, some of them remember Fuzion famous CD's, it's cool!

Wich was your best memories? Your worse one?

Good memories: days and nights spent with the other members of Fuzion, Copy Party at Dragon's home, first music of Mad max which I riped with Mon-ST, coding party, exchanges of diskettes by the post office and to the college, the videotex terminal server RTEL...

My worst memory: my removal of the Paris area towards Annecy. I left my pals of Fuzion behind me. Extremely fortunately, it is in Annecy that I met Kelvin. It could integrate the group and we animated the South-eastern antenna of Fuzion.

Which are according to you the best games taken out on ST? The worst?

At the technical level, without any doubt " Enchanted Land " coded by Nick of TCB. hardscroll functioned on all ST! Other games of Thalion: Wings of Death, Chamber of Shaolin...

If not, in bulk: Dungeon Master, Mortville Manor & Maupiti Island for their astonishing voice synthesis, Carrier Command, Bubble Bobble, both Barbarians, Vroom, Turrican 1 & 2, Lemmings, Populous, Super Hang One, Grand Monster Slam, Shuffle Puck Cafe, Lode Runner, Speedbal, Xenon 1 & 2, Midi Maze!

The worst : many missed adaptations like Shadow of The Beast!

Which are the best demos released on ST according to you?

The Union demo, The Cuddly demos, the 3d screen of Ziggy Stardust in European Demos, Dark Side of The Spoon, Brain Damage, Ohh Crikey Wot a Scorcher, screens of M-Coder and other boot-sectors of 512 bytes per Mr. Bee and of course Flashback of TCB!

Do you think that the cracking scene killed the ATARI ST?

As I said it previously, I think that it accelerated its death. But it also made its success: in years 88 to 90, it would surely not have been sold as much ST if them people did not know around them people who were going to provide them cracked games.

When did you left FUZION? Why?

I left the group in the middle of the year 1992 to found Positivity. Kelvin and me wished to market the second version of our ripper: Professional Mega Ripper.

Because we thought of making it publish, it was necessary that we put a term at our " illegal " activities. Finally, we diffused it in the form of shareware and it has besides gained a small success despite the end of Atari ST...

Did you keep contact with the other group members or with the ST scene? Do you have some projects involving them?

Thanks to the Net, I am in contact with Kelvin & Ellfire (The Dragon). The Net also has me licence to renew contact with an ancient musician of Positivity. Lastly, it is the Atari world who allowed me to find my job current since it is a former coder pal (RGB) who makes me entering the Web agency where I work today.

Wich computer do you own at present?

A vulgar PC... nothing exciting good!
But I kept my Atari 520 STE & Falcon 030 like my Amiga 500 & 1200. Good, I must recognize that they sleep well comfortably in their boxes... but somewhere, their presence is reassuring!!

Do you Have projects?

At the data-processing level, and more particularly with the level of the Net, I deal with a Website devoted to the " underground " electronic musics(techno, minimal house, electro) : http://www.atome.com

What do you think of the current Atari scene?

I am not aware of it any more. I believe that there are still some Falcon & STE groups ... Anyway, I find brilliant that ancient ST people as Leonard d' Oxygene still have as much enthusiasm to develop emulators like ST Sound & Saint. There is also some groups which arise their old demoscreens on the Net (in java for example): it is excellent!

What do you think of the cracking scene of the PC?

I do not know. Not using my PC to play, I do not know if it is as present, recognized and useful as our time.

What do you think of the evolution of data processing today?

There are remarkable softwares and the Net is probably the best projection of these last years. Unfortunately, the operating systems are too heavy (Windaube) or are reserved to informed users (Minusk). On the hardware side, we had unceasingly more power but the softwares side always demands much and the conflicts always exist ! In short, the microcomputer became a simple tool.

It seems to me that at the good old times, the user felt himself much nearer to his machine, even if his neighbor had exactly the same one ... Microcomputers of the time of Atari & Amiga (and even of the beginning the Eighties) had a certain charm. Today, only fortunate Mac-users can tell some as much...

Have you anything to add?

Yes, a great cheer and thank you to you for the realization for this website devoted to Fuzion!
Mega Greetings to all Fuzion & Positivity members... Special Greetings to the old Atari ST
scene... And Greetings to all Atari & Amiga fans!!