Interview of Dragon / Ellfire
The interview of Dragon / Ellfire, former founder of Fuzion, is online. The complete history of the group is coming...
 author : Mr Nours 15-07-2002 13:46

Menus 24 & 48v1 now online
Brume forwarded to me a corrected version of the menu 24. It now execute correctly under steem. He also sent me the first version of the menu 48, which is also online. What would we do without Brume??
 author : Mr Nours 10-07-2002 12:03

CD 97,99 and 100 fixed!
A big thanks to Kimmo. He had fixed the intros of these three menus. They do not use now any more the "Fuzion Sly Packer" and run correctly under recent emulators.
 author : Mr Nours 03-07-2002 01:59

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