Fuzion shrine repaired.
My provider had erased all the Fuzion menus from my accounts.
They are now back online, hosted gracefully by Rich Davey (Little Green Desktop).
Big thanks also to Lee Marsh for having kept a backup of all those files.

 author : Mr Nours 06-08-2004 22:11

Two new Interviews
Kasar and Kelvin talks about their experiences in Fuzion.

Big update of the Interview section.
 author : Mr Nours 13-08-2002 14:55

Full collection online!
A big thanks to CyNaX which has just sent CD N36.
Our collection of Fuzion CD's is now complete.

However, if you possess different versions of those menus, or if you have some rare Fuzion crack please do not hesitate to share them with us.

 author : Mr Nours 19-07-2002 23:38

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